Medical Assistant

Topics: Health care, Medical assistant, Health science Pages: 3 (1092 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Medical Assistant
By Stefanie Oliver

I learned a lot in these past four weeks about the career I am going for and what it takes to get there. I learned about the qualifications and education that I need to become a medical assistant. I also learned what the responsibilities are in a medical assistant field. I am going to do everything it takes to make sure I put my all into it to become the best medical assistant I can be.

The medical assistant term is between a receptionist and nurse and will be doing task that includes everything that is basic. 1) Studying for certification exam. 2) Working in a doctor’s office as part of training. 3) Learning the medical vocabulary works and medical terms. 4) Practicing giving shots to patients. I learned that the medical assistant have important meetings every day that are mandatory because they have important discussions about important cases that they may come across or when they have new equipment that comes in. They also have training classes for new equipment because they will be using them. There are specific skills in this profession that I will be doing like. 1) Answering the telephones. 2) Making appointment for patients and new members. 3) Setting up all examination rooms for the next patients. 4) Checking the patient’s height, weight, and temperature. I will be in contact with other people in this field like a medical office manager who would be in charge of making schedules for employees and ordering medical supplies as needed. They also deal with patients financial problems. The next person that I will also be in contact with is a health information technology they also answer phone calls and deal with patient’s medical records by making sure that all the information is filled out in the appropriate fields and that the records are in order. They also make sure that the patient insurance is verified accordantly and that all co-payments are up to date. To become a medical assistant you would need a high...
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