Mediation and Advocacy Literature Review

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  • Published : May 23, 2011
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Mediation and Advocacy Literature Review
The Human Service professional is committed to help improve the quality of life for people. The main objective it is to meet the needs of the people by advocating for them when necessary. In this process mediation can also take place to help them meet their goals and objectives. Human Service Professionals are focused on improving service delivery by addressing the quality of service delivery and improving the way professionals and agencies advocate for the client. Here are three websites that link mediation and advocacy in the Human Service Field. • Victim Offender Mediation Association Victim Offender Mediation Association (VOMA) is a program that allows the person who committed a crime to come face -to -face with their victim. A trained mediator joins the two parties together sometimes along with family and friend of the victim. In the meeting, the offender, and the victim can talk to each other about what happened, the effects of the crime on their lives, and their feelings about it. They may choose to create a mutually agreeable plan to repair any damages that occurred as a result of the crime (VOMA, 2011). This will allow the victim to take responsibility for their action and bring closure to the victim or family members of the victim. This service relates to the human service field because victims of violence seek help from Human Service Professionals they could need medical benefits, counseling, shelters, and cash assistance. Advocates also play a role because some victims need someone to speak on his or her behalf after a crime is committed against them. A rape victim may request an advocate to speak on their behalf in court because he or she may be a minor, or disabled. They can lack the skill, knowledge, and ability to speak on their own behalf. • – Academy of Family Mediators

The Academy of Family Mediators focus on mediation used to help with custody...
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