Medias Effect Om Womens Self Esteem

Topics: Advertising, Communication design, Dolce & Gabbana Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Todays advertisement is highly provocative and sexualized. The models that we see in the advertisements are always beautiful with great skin, perfect make up and very thin. The ads always show the women in a sexual manner; she will be positioned in a very sexual way, for instance with her legs open or she will have the male gaze. Her face and body language will look seductive; she’s ready to be viewed by a man. These kinds of advertisements are affecting women self-esteem today. Many women look at these ads and they feel they are not up to their standards; some women do not feel beautiful enough. The women in the ads are beautiful, but many of the images are altered to make them look perfect.

Women are suffering with poor self-esteem because of advertising campaigns. Many advertising campaigns show unrealistic portrayals of women. Many of the images of digitally altered. For instance, airbrush is a technique that is commonly used. The photographers airbrush the pictures to what they believe looks good.

The article “Women suffer poor self esteem due to air brushing in advertising” from The Telegraph, discuss how this has a negative affect on women. The brand Dove conducted a research in which they questioned women about their thoughts on advertising. There was a total of 96% of women who said they felt models used in beauty ads were not a realistic interpretation of women today. There were over 40% who said advertising made them feel self conscious about their appearance. There were 20% that said they felt less confident in their daily lives as a result of such images. Many of the women said they wanted to see real women in the advertisements.

Dove has the campaign,”The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty” , they started this campaign because they wanted to address this problem in advertising by using real women from all different races, shapes and sizes. By conducting this research, Dove learned that women want to see real women in advertisings....
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