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Topics: Median, Burger King, Hamburger Pages: 2 (423 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Week 4

Graph Assignment
Q#|Problem|Show Your Work|Answer|Instructor Comments|
1.|The following table shows how much consumers are willing to pay for digital music and the potential revenue that can be derived from it.a. What percent of the market will be reached if the price per song is $0.50?b. What is the potential revenue when the price is $0.50 per song?|a.b.||| ||

Q#|Problem|Show Your Work|Answer|Instructor Comments|
2.|The pictograph shows the number of hamburgers sold at Burger King, Del Taco, Jack in the Box, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s. Each symbol represents 100 hamburgers.a. Which brand sold the least?b. How many Burger King hamburgers were sold?|a.b.||| ||

Q#|Problem|Show Your Work|Answer|Instructor Comments|
3.|The circle graph shows the percent of people believing that the most popular place for proposing is as shown in the graph.a. What percent of the people don’t know what the most popular place is?b. If 500 people were surveyed, how many chose “don’t know”?|a.b.||| ||

Q#|Problem|Show Your Work|Answer|Instructor Comments|
4.|The table shows the number of calories in five different hamburgers.1.Find the mean number of calories for the hamburgers.2.Find the median number of calories for the hamburgers.3.Find the mode(s) of the number of calories.|1.2.3.||| ||

Q#|Problem|Show Your Work|Answer|Instructor Comments|
5.|Referring to the below, identify which year is described by the following circle graph (2003, 2004, 2005 or 2006):|||| ||

Measurement and Metrics
Q#|Problem|Show Your Work|Answer|Instructor Comments|
6.|10 in. = ______ feet (give the answer in a fraction)|||| 7.|9 feet = ________ inches.||||
8.|80 miles = ____________ kilometers||||
9.|680 centimeters = _______________ feet (give answer in decimal form, to the nearest 1/100)|||| 10.|8.3 miles = ______________ feet||||
11.|13 liters is approximately _________ gallons (give answer in decimal form to nearest tenth).|||| Q#|Problem|Show Your...
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