Media vs Society

Topics: World Wide Web, Mass media, Advertising Pages: 2 (812 words) Published: October 8, 2011
A huge part of our day is spent listening to, watching and reading media. Media being defined as all the means of communication, like newspapers, radio, internet, and TV that provide the public with news, entertainment, etc., usually along with advertising.

We live in a fascinating world and an even more fascinating society. We are part of a culture where every morning we wake up to the energized voices of the morning news crew, whose job it is to make the rest of us as upbeat and awake as possible, fill us in on the beautiful sunny weather outside, and inform the average of us on the hopelessly packed freeways. When at the end of the day, exhausted and hungry you crawl home, your television, the radio and your bellowed computer are waiting patiently to be of service. In this day and age life without technology feels utterly impossible, and life without the media is simply unimaginable. Media provides us with entertainment, information, and comfort. As the standard of living in this country is rising, people find themselves investing in digital cables and high speed internet connections, thus increasing their exposure to such media as the World Wide Web and the hundreds new channels that come with digital cable. While we are all intelligent people, with the freedom and ability to make our own choices, how much influence does media have over our decisions? I believe a lot.

While everything you experience shapes you as an individual, it is probably the commercials you see on television, that have the most influence over your choices and decisions. Advertisements target various audiences, depending on the product, but a lot of it is directed towards young adults. Teenagers often feel self conscious about appearance, their size, or their clothes. They also have the disposable income needed to purchase impulse goods like the new soda or the latest CD. Thus it is to the advantage of advertisers that they target these insecurities and need for acceptance,...
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