Media vs Body Image

Topics: Eating disorders, Obesity, Bulimia nervosa Pages: 5 (1841 words) Published: February 16, 2011
Medias Influence on Body Image
Media has become majority of the populations every day routine, it is easy to access because it is everywhere, television, magazines, newspapers, telemarketing, billboards, and the one of fastest growing source the Internet. In the hyper era of technology we are currently in, year by year it is easier to deliver effectively a message to another person. With these advancements comes not just communication of basic needs but also more and more advertising. Some of the messages the media carries may influence people in nearly every decision they make. Some may say that this is not necessarily true and that people have the will power to decide for themselves. And this may all depend on the point of view. Are you being influenced by Media? Perhaps you are, but may not be aware of the impact. In today’s society people are better informed and knowledge on current event, thanks to the rapidly growing press and spreading of mass media here in the United States and throughout the world. Many points of view are being introduced every day leaving society a freedom to choose which is most valuable to them. Media could be of much influence on today’s society and youth as it tends to leave a great deal of impact on the individuals. In an article by Cloy C. Gonzales he describes media as “the most dominant art form” In society Media’s main role is to provide knowledge, entertainment and to inform the public on current events. Media can tell truths and provided positive information that can develop reputations and images in the correct way. But it also can be looked upon as a tribunal of justice. An example of the powerful messages that fill the media is politics. Politicians use media to build up their reputation and also possibly destroy their opponents. Media plays a major part in the everyday routine of many it has contributed in many ways that both enlighten and enrich society, but in other ways have deteriorated and bewildered it. Media uses vibrations and images to teach and leave a greater effect on the society. Many become victims of media's manipulation and can be influenced for the worse. In such cases as the increase of youth suffering from eating disorder and the growing levels of violence. “Body Image is defined as the subjective concept of one's physical appearance based on self-observation and the reactions of others” (Neil, 2000, para. 7). Images of female bodies are everywhere. You are able to see it when you open a magazine and images of thin and popular woman are used to sell products. Popular film actresses, musicians and television actors are being casted younger, taller and thinner. Some of these popular entertainers have been reportedly know to faint constantly on the job (set) or on stage from lack of proper health management and food intake, for example over publicized entertainer and current pop sensation Lady Gaga fainted from lack of food intake while on tour in Melbourne Australia this past summer, she has been under much scrutiny for her recently launched unauthorized biography that claims she is suffering from multiple mental conditions and eating disorders. Lady Gaga’s fan base is majorly young girls between the ages of nine to 24 years old. In most women’s magazines (Cosmopolitan, Elle, Allure, Glamour, Latina etc.) often publish full articles urging young women that to lose weight, making them more desirable only if they can drop off those last fifth teen life stopping pounds, promising that with the weight lost they will have it all, loving children, the perfect marriage, a rewarding career and a great sex life. In recent studies on media’s influence on body image, researchers found in leading women’s magazines have a little over ten and one half more advertisements promoting and facilitating weight-loss measures than leading men’s magazines do, almost three quarters of these magazines include at least one content on how to obtain the ideal body by suggesting diets,...
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