Media Violence and Aggression

Topics: Violence, Sociology, Media violence research Pages: 8 (2762 words) Published: January 7, 2013
I- Introduction: the influence of media in the crime commission, as an act of Aggression.  a. Columbine massacre, as an example
II- Aggression has become a key major analysis of the functioning and the impact of media b. Emotional consequences
i. Stress and its effect on children
ii. Three types of implementations
c. The issue of explicitly violent content in media results in Aggression. d. Violence Definition
e. Violence media content help in healing
III- Violence in Media
f. violence broadcast content
g. The impact of violent content in the media:
iii. The cathartic effect:
iv. Imitation:
v. Media as socialization agent
h. Violence Coverage in Media
i. Information Control and symbolic violence
j. Theories of agenda setting:
k. Media Influence
l. Cultural Theory of incubation:
m. Cultural and cognitive impacts
n. Knowledge Gap
o. Symbolic violence
IV- Conclusion
Recent cases of violent crime have led to the emergence of a new register of justification in the argument of the defense of criminals, namely the influence of media in the commission of such acts. One thinks, for example, the massacre taking place recently in the Arab countries (where revolutions is taking place), for which have been mentioned for example the influence of violent images broadcast or the ability to access, via Internet, providers of weapons. In this context of increasing power of public debate on the issue of responsibility of the media to violence in society, there exists the role that representations play violent actually on television and its effect on the sensitivity and behavior of the public. The answer to these questions is clear-cut: there is a net effect of the impact of the spread of violent shows on the behavior of people especially the youth, the responsibility of television was suspected, no one today can no longer pretend to ignore it. Violence has become a key major analysis of the functioning and the impact of media, from all media and techniques of mass dissemination of information (press, cinema, radio, television and telecommunications). The debate is often focused solely, specifically, on the issue of explicitly violent content, conveyed by the media and their effects. But to grasp the relationship between media and violence, it seems first necessary to examine also the very presence of violence in the content profile on the reasons for the presentation: in particular, the media- is the mirror of society and violence in the media is reflected in society. In addition, it is necessary to adopt a definition that is both more accurate and comprehensive of aggression: it defines an act by which a force is exerted to influence someone or do act against his will; it characterizes a relationship marked by the exercise of coercive power. Therefore, it seems necessary to look at a form of violence that is not directly physical, symbolic violence question the ability of the media, in them, to exercise this form of violence, regardless of the simple delivery of explicit violent content. The presence of violence in media have an emotional impact on young people, causing massive unpleasant emotions such as anxiety, fear, anger or disgust, and most of all: aggression. Even if they do not recognize it right away, they are going to recognize it when they are talking about it. But they have at their disposal three great ways to manage stress and prevent it from becoming a trauma: words, the scenarios inside and the symbolization of a mode emotional, sensory and motor. First, violence in media stimulates the senses into words. The children who have seen violent images while looking for a friend who has seen images do not contain scenes of violence turn away. In other words, what makes pleasure does not call for the setting direction while the violent images that...
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