Media Violance

Topics: Violence, Domestic violence, Aggression Pages: 4 (1296 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Technology is a very important investment for human beings. Therefore, technology is improving more and more every day. Technology makes our lives easier. People are now capable to reach any information or person at any time they wish. For instance, one can talk face to face with their family or friend from across the universe on computers. People use technology every second in their life, like computers, internet, cell phones, TV, in other words media. Media is technology’s spoiled child because they grow together. Media is everywhere in our computers, internet, cell phones. Even though media is beneficial in all sorts of ways, like being informed all the time, some scientists think that it has bad impact on people especially children. Media violence is a big subject which has been still discussing by some professionals. There is no doubt that media has a big impact on children, men, women especially on children. It depends on one’s education whether they get affected badly or not. Most of the parents claim that media violence, like cartoons, video games, movies, TV, has a violent and bad impact on their children, yet there is something that they don’t understand, it is their job to teach their children differences between fantasy and reality. Most researchers and investigators agree that exposure to media violence alone does not cause a child to commit a violent act, and that it is not the sole, or even necessarily the most important, factor contributing to youth aggression, anti-social attitudes, and violence (Definitions of Media (n.d.)). Children always have a super hero in their dream world which pushes them to behave like their heroes. For example, in 2004 there was a incident in Turkey one kid jumped from balcony with a umbrella pretending as superman, fortunately nothing happened. Parents should inform their children that those fiction characters not real. When children watch cartoons, they see how characters damage each other and it’s not hurting...
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