Media Unit

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Media Unit
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1. Gender Stereotyping in Video Games ___ /3
Doctor Karen Dill says, “When women are consistently shown as sex objects rather than agents, consistently depicted in demeaning and degrading ways, and consistently shown as submissive, the result is to condone and support violence against women, coercion of women, and anti woman attitudes.” Do you agree or disagree with Doctor Dill's assessment. In one paragraph reflect about violence and the portrayal of women in video games. Are these stereotypes and depictions harmful or harmless entertainment? How might males perceive females playing these video games?

I agree with Doctor Dill’s assessment, the way that women are portrayed in video games influences how we perceive them in real life. Women are constantly shown as sex objects and are used in degrading ways in video games, especially ones like Grand Theft Auto where people go around shooting and having sex with prostitutes (women) at the corner of roads. Of course no one actually does this in real life but this entertainment is still harmful, these games take violence against women to a whole other level. It’s always the women who are given negative depictions and are consistently being degraded; men are always the strong characters that get to abuse the women. Women are portrayed as sex objects, the only reason they are in the game is for their appearance, and they have no other qualities other than their sexual attributes. Usually men are the ones who design this kind of entertainment and they design it to please the consumers who most of times are men. Everyone knows that sex and violence sells in the entertainment industry so when they design these games they make it full of both sexual and violent content. It seems as though males are promoting and supporting these stereotypes whenever they play these video games. The graphics...
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