Media Trailer Anaylsis

Topics: Horror film, Horror and terror, Protagonist Pages: 9 (3743 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Within this presentation I will be researching and analysing two horror movie trailers which will help me understand the codes and conventions that should be included when producing my own project. These two trailers will be of the recent films ‘The Possession’ (show film poster) and ‘House at the End of The Street’ (show film poster). I will also be analysing the trailer for ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ (show film poster) showing the contrasting genre, comedy. The 6.4 star rated film ‘The Possession’ is directed by Ole Bornedai and was released on the 31st August 2012. ‘The House at the End of The Street’ was directed by Mark Tonderai and came to cinemas on the 21st September 2012 but it has only been rated a 3.7/10. Kirk Jones’ comedy ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ was released on the 25th May 2012 has surprisingly only 4.5 stars despite the likable cast. In my opinion, the main conventions of horror film trailers include a dark isolated location (show picture of a typical horror location) where the characters are usually placed, far away from any help perhaps a small cabin in the woods or the characters are moving in to a large house something that is different to the characters usual surroundings (creating a fear of the unknown). The dark lighting is also a convention used within horror films creating a dark scary atmosphere along with a sense of fear. Another convention found in horror films is having a female or young victim as they are considered as ‘weaker’ and show vulnerability and naivety which in a sense makes the audience care for their well being more than they would a well built man. One of the main conventions of a horror film is blood, violence, death and weapons mainly guns and knives they are all very important conventions that automatically provoke fear. These conventions are very different to that of a comedy which uses bright and vibrant colours creating a light ‘feel good’ atmosphere. (show comedy still showing bright and vibrant colours) The characters are usually a combination of very attractive and unattractive people, and they tend to be very stereotypical (e.g. the geek, the cheerleader, the jock). These characters are also typically located in familiar or public places creating a natural environment.

All three Trailers begin with the disclaimer, the Motion Picture Association of America’s approval of the trailer showing it is acceptable to be viewed by those over 13 years old (show the first shot the approval) ‘The Possession’ trailer begins by showing the major distribution company ‘Lionsgate’ (show Lionsgate logo picture) and then the film’s independent production company ‘Ghost house pictures’ (show Ghost House logo picture). This could be done as ‘Lionsgate’ is a known successful institution (show Lionsgate logo picture) which means it automatically gives the audience the idea that this film will be successful making them more interested in watching. Furthermore, by showing the calming picture logo that they have slow down the trailer setting up for the ordinary day the film starts on. The Possession starts the trailer by showing the film with establishing shots and close ups showing a relatively normal and peaceful suburban setting with mostly light shots of happy characters (show a small clip to use as an example of these shots). This shot is used to create the contrast between the following shots of the conventional dark lighting and the dark and cold atmosphere. The Possession begins with the Father taking the children away from their mother and home which connote their safety, but it shows the two girls having a great time with their Dad (show still of girl and dad smiling with lamp) as if everything is ok, which of course we know it isn’t. Similarly ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ also begins showing the ‘Lionsgate’ picture logo (show Lionsgate logo picture) followed by the studio ‘Alcon Entertainment’ (show Alcon Entertainment logo picture). These...
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