Media Technology

Topics: Mass media, Broadcasting, Newspaper Pages: 3 (750 words) Published: December 24, 2012
Media Technology- An interesting Topic

Now-a-days Media is most important agent in defining or solving many political and social irregularities. So we should understand the basic terms and definitions of media to gain proper knowledge about media. The term 'medias' is incorrect one,and media is considered as a singular and plural word at the same time. Simply media is an 'agent'.It removes social irregularities and social evils. We live in a society which need communication for better arrangements. For communication we find out equipments for better communication. Mass communication is a word which has a large in depth meaning in the media  terms. we can explore through simple technical study of media technology.

Media is a term referring to those organized means of dissemination of fact, opinion, entertainment, and other information such as newspapers, magazines, films, radio, television, internet, books, Cd's,DVDs, and all other forms of publishing. 

Academic programs for the study of mass media are usually referred to as mass communication programs. There are interactive medias also.

Mass Media is a media that talks to a large number of people simultaneously. It is the public communication reaching a large audience. news media is a section of mass media. Sometimes, it is called as corporate media also.

Massive duplication of materials was the great invention in the 2oth century, which lead the era of news papers in all over the world. The invention of Printing technology led to physical mass duplication in large scale. It became a big industry today. Some consider the concentration of media ownership to be a grave threat to democracy. Mass Media are the tools or technologies that facilitate dissemination of information and entertainment to a vast number of consumers. they are the tools of large-scale manufacturing also.

Mass Media can be used for many social purposes, such as advocacy, both for business and social concerns, entertainment and...
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