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Evaluative Essay
Tabloid Media

Pictures of celebrities that are underweight, overweight, cheating on their spouses, wearing ill fitting clothing or with bad plastic surgery are just a few of the things we see on the cover of tabloid magazines. At some point each of us has picked up one of these magazines and if we didn’t read the articles we at least read the captions under the pictures; they are hard to resist. I try to avoid them as much as possible but sometimes the captions on the front peak my curiosity. Some of the topics are totally unbelievable and I often wonder who believes tabloid stories. I equate tabloids to gossip, probably 10% is true and the rest are falsehoods. But there is a very large market for tabloid media and it’s quite successful. Tabloid media is a multi-million dollar industry is sensationalism that some believe doesn’t add any real journalistic value. This essay will review the world of tabloid media.

It’s said that ancient Romans would post news sheets on the walls to be viewed by the public. These sheets were said to be centered on crime and divorce which are topics that still occupy today’s tabloid sheets. The term tabloid was originally used to describe a small tablet of medication that was easy to swallow. It was later used by the media to describe news papers that were of a smaller size in comparison to a regular newspaper. A vast majority of tabloids have shifted from reporting on important topics such as local and world affairs to celebrity gossip and sex. Tabloids are characterized by the use of pictures and simple news stories that target a lower class audience. Some journalists believe that tabloid media will be the end of responsible journalism.

In Frank Jossi’s interview with Elizabeth Bird, author of the book “for enquiring Minds: A Cultural Study of Supermarket Tabloids she disclosed that her research found that the average reader of tabloids, “were middle-aged white women with a high school...
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