Media Synthesis

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  • Published : July 24, 2011
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Media Argument Synthesis
A man stumbles out of a bar and digs through the junk in his pocket to find his keys. He scratches the door of his car while trying to unlock it. He proceeds to get in his car and drive home. Five days later, here he sits…in a cemetery. He didn’t know when enough was enough and a bad decision was made based on his lack of knowing when to stop. Does experiencing too much negative media, such as violence and drug use impact people by subliminally interesting them in such things? Will watching a gang in a movie sell crack cocaine on a corner, then stuff wads of cash into their pockets make an easily influenced teenager want to become a drug dealer? It’s a possibility. Parents need to get more involved in the shows they are allowing their children to view and realize the cutoff point for both themselves as well as their children, because a kid growing up in today’s society experiences so much violence from the television shows and movies they watch that only time can tell whether they will choose right from wrong.

Although media can easily influence people, Steven Johnson, the author of “Watching TV Makes You Smarter”, believes that its okay to watch certain television shows that practice violence because some of them cause viewers to become more intelligent by making them use their brains` to follow difficult plots and numerous characters. His exact words are, “Instead of a show’s violent or tawdry content, instead of wardrobe malfunctions or the F-word, the true test should be whether a given show engages or sedates the mind.” (229). Basically Johnson is saying that all the violence and brutality on the show 24 is okay because he assumes that all audiences watching this hit show will automatically look past the violence and ethnic stereotypes as they search for the hidden morals of the story. So Johnson, let me ask you this. Do you think that a 14 year old watching this television show is going to look past all the guns and fights to...
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