Media Skepticism

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Media Skepticism among youth

DATE: 10th dec 2012

Submitted To
Miss Saadiyeh Said

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Naresh kumar (10571)
Omer siddique
Institute of Business Management
Korangi Creek, Karachi-75190, Pakistan
UAN (9221)111-002-004, Fax: (9221) 509-0968

December 10th 2012
Dear Readers
We are thankful to Allah Almighty for giving us the capability and strength to complete this research report on “Media skepticism among youth” for the course Methods in Business Research. We would also like to thank our course instructor Miss Saadiyeh Said whose utmost dedication and devotion provided us with the insight to prepare a long report. It was due to her guidance and teachings that enabled us to finish this research report. We would also like to thank our respondents and all the sources for their cooperation with us and providing us with the information that we required to complete this report. And we express sincere gratitude to our parents for their continuous support throughout the preparation of this report. Sincerely

Naresh kumar
Omer siddique

Institute of Business Management Korangi Creek, Karachi-75190, Pakistan
UAN (9221)111-002-004, Fax: (9221) 509-0968
December 10th 2012
Miss Saadiyeh Said
Course Instructor-Methods in Business Research
Institute of Business Management, Karachi
Dear Miss
Here is our research report on “Media skepticism among youth” which was to be submitted on December 10th 2012. The report analyzes media Skepticism among youth of Pakistan. We greatly benefited from this report as our research term report. It helped us widening our vision, improving our quality of work, building self-reliance work and gave a vital experience in order to improve our analytical skills. We hope this report is as per your instructions & contains all the relevant information. We would dearly & sincerely like to thank you for the belief you showed in our capabilities and the support you gave us throughout the semester & in assigning us the report. This truly helped us in our learning process & also gave us firsthand experience regarding formal long reports based on comparison. Sincerely

Naresh kumar
Omer Siddique
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Executive Summary


Media skepticism is the degree to which individuals are skeptical toward the reality presented in the mass media. Media skepticism varies across individuals, from those who are mildly skeptical and accept most of what they see and hear in the media to those who completely discount and disbelieve the facts, values, and portrayal of reality in the media. Media skepticism’ as a subjective feeling of alienation and mistrust toward the mainstream news media. For example, media skepticism is the feeling that journalists are not fair or objective in their reports about society and that they do not always tell the whole story. It is the feeling that mainstream news outlets will sacrifice accuracy and precision for personal and commercial gains. It is the perception that one cannot believe what one reads in the newspaper or sees on TV news. In other words, media skepticism applies the general concept of mistrust to audience perceptions of the way mainstream news institutions function in society. The results of an online survey conducted by The Express Tribune revealed that most Pakistanis feel the local media spreads negativity, is sensationalist and is sponsored by political parties.A total of 1,025 Pakistanis and expatriates participated in the online survey. Respondents included a majority of those aged between 20-30 (61%) and 30-40 (21%). Males comprised 83 per cent of the total sample whereas journalists and media personnel constituted 13 per cent of total respondents,...
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