Media Selection, Planning and Scheduling

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After going through this unit you should be able to:

* explain the concept of media planning and the role of media in overall marketing and advertising plan

* discuss the considerations relevant to media selection

* describe the dominant factors in media scheduling.


10.1 Introduction

10.2 The Meaning and Types of Media

10.3 Media Planning: a Process

10.4 Media Selection: a Process

10.5 Media Scheduling

10.6 A Final Word on Media Plans

10.7 Development of Media Strategy

10.8 Summary

10.9 Self-assessment Questions

10.10 Further Readings


Media management involves one of the most crucial decisions for an advertiser in its objectives to reach effectively the target markets. The decisions assume further critical importance with the wide availability of media vehicles and changing reading and viewing patterns in buying public. For instance, markets have been flooded; with a large assortment of magazines in the recent times. Similarly a vast spectrum of programmes is available on televisions-as the captor of an attentive home audience. Not to be outdone, the hitherto unfamiliar media are now in vogue. Examples include matchboxes carrying product advertisements, or the postal stationery carrying marketing messages of good and social causes. Obviously, baffled the advertiser has to seek answers to the following questions.

a) How to spend the defined funds allocated to advertising and promotional activities?

b) How to match the media audience with the market audience for the product/service?

c) How to benefit from seasonal variations mostly prevalent in sales of all goods and services?

d) How to weave media with the overall marketing effort?

This unit attempts some answers itself.


Media as a term can be defined both from the users and the suppliers perspectives. To the users of media i.e, advertisers and audiences, it is "the mix of mediums that carry the advertisers message and constitute as the vital link between the company that manufactures and serves the product and the customer who buy or might wish to buy

it." It is thus a second rung of marketing communication and is aimed at wider 17 audiences located at different places.

Media Planning Concepts| Media suppliers on the other hand, include the institutions that offer media. To them| | it is a "mix of service organizations which aim to fulfil the needs of listeners, viewers| | and readers for information and entertainment". Note that the media are not primarily| | and purely for carrying the marketing messages. They render a far more meaningful| | and comprehensive set of beneficial services in which besides entertainment and| | information, marketing messages , are carried to the audience. Naturally, therefore,| | each medium will do its best for making it more attractive and closer to its audience.| | Also, these media themselves have to market to the media users. Almost every| | medium- be it television and newspapers, has a sales and marketing department to| | look after this particular function.| |

| Types of Media| |
| Advertisers face virtually oceanful media choices, though many of them may be| | summarily rejected as being irrelevant either to the product type or to consumer| | types. The following are the major types of Media:| |

| •| Directory Media| |
| •| Direct Mail Media| |
| •| Radio Advertising| |
| •| Point of Purchase Media| |
| •| Outdoor Media| |
| •| Newspaper| |
| •| Media Magazine| |
| •| Transit Media| |
| •| Screen Media| |
| •| Television Media| |
| •| Specialty Media| |
| For a deeper understanding of the qualitative and...
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