Media Religion and Politics in Pakistan

Topics: Pakistan, Mass media, Newspaper Pages: 5 (1764 words) Published: October 27, 2010
Many books have been written to understand the cultural exposition of Pakistan. This book has been written in the same perspective. This book is based on social scientific research standard. This book tries to analyze the role of mass media in representing, reproducing, and transforming political discourse in Pakistan. It in compasses major supplementary questions e.g. what the cultural contours of Pakistani politics are; how to identify and theories Pakistani cultural ethos; how to examine through discourse analysis; how politics, religion, and mass media, as cultural products, have duel praxis with one another; what has been role of Islam and the ulema in the construction of political culture and media discourse. The writer has tried to establish the theoretical triangular relationship between politics, religion and media while assuming all three are interdependent and correlated.

This book is based on historical study of the relationship between the politics, religion and media. Writer has also taken views of traditional and modernist agents of change in the social structure of Pakistan through professional issues specific questionnaire. In the context of developing such an enquiry is an attempt to disentangle a web of social change, wrought primarily under the impact of the west over the last two centuries and which has its roots in a historical process stretching back to a few thousands years. According to the writers view, the impact of colonialism brought about a unique disruption of historical process which created dislocations almost in every aspect of thought and practices in the third word societies particularly in the Muslim societies. He further argues, The role of mass media in the politics of developing countries, especially in Muslim societies had been to oscillate between the two poles of the religion and politics and a willing tool in the hand of establishment.

This book tries to comprehend the political sociology of mass media in Pakistan through the discourse analysis of important political event which occurred between 1970and 1990 e.g. war of 1971 and dismemberment of east Pakistan, making of new constitution, military cope in 1977, further this book comprises of five chapters and a conclusion section in the end.

In chapter one the writer has tried to identify and theories the cultural ethos of Pakistan. He argues that talking of the politics of the south Asian Muslims, under the colonial rule means talking of their religious identity as Pakistan had been demanded and created on the basis of the two nation theory. Thus the writer establishes that religion formed the basis of the nationhood and statehood and thereby amalgamated the boundaries of politics and religion. He argues that it is inevitable to study politics and mass media in Pakistan, with reference to its ideology. He also discussed the ideological differences between the ruling class, middle and lower middle class with reference to their political and intellectual standings, by making a blend of media and traditional ulema to it.

Further he propagates the idea of parasitic landlordism which has grown out of land ownership and land possession, is the actual constituent of the cultural ethos of Pakistan. He also discussed civil military establishment playing its role in the sustenance of above mentioned parasitic landlordism. He also claims the traditionalist ulema as their reserve force which is used by the parasitic landlordism as their operational tool to enhance their grip on the political infrastructure. At the end of this chapter he points out some latent forces of change which include Muslim modernist e.g. intellectuals and educated people from the urban areas; Muslim revivalists also called often the fundamentalists e.g. jamat-e-islami; the merchants/industrialists and their role and mobility in the prevailing political infrastructure.

Chapter two discusses the role and place of region and the ulema in Pakistan polity,...
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