Media Reaction Paper

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  • Published : July 11, 2009
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Media Reaction Paper
Soc/315 Cultural Diversity

The focus of this program will be to reach out to young people facing pre-existing obstacles and could yield immediate positive economic and social results. Employers will be providing job training, professional skills, and mentorship that could lead disadvantaged youth to continue their education, get valuable work experience, and make them feel valued and productive. Department of Youth and Community Development had already received 81,000 applications for the jobs that will pay $7.25 per hour in conjunction with training for financial literacy and job skills. The Federal Stimulus dollars were distributed to all states ranging from $3 million for low population states (e.g Wyoming, South Dakota) to $186 million for California. Media Reaction Paper 3

After reading the article "Stimulus money for summer jobs will help Black, Latino youth”, I was not left with a better understanding of diversity represented by our unemployed, disadvantaged youth in relation to the American landscape. In fact, I was left wondering if any disadvantaged Caucasian youth were even part of the study that drove the analysis for the newspaper article. Depending on the columnists' point of view, we could all be misreading the truth. The barriers on diversity issues are being slowly torn down and have become increasingly accepted in society. However, in an increasingly diverse world, we must tread lightly to avoid stereotypes when reporting that only Blacks and Latinos are disadvantaged and lack the skills to hold summer jobs. The multibillion-dollar diversity industry is thriving in corporate America, and diversity programs are flourishing. Organizations appoint diversity officers, hire consultants, coaches, and trainers. They adopt diversity scorecards, benchmarks, best practices, and send executives to diversity conferences and leadership training seminars. Despite the astonishing number of Media Reaction Paper 4...
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