Media Portrays Violence

Topics: United States, Columbine High School massacre, Michael Moore Pages: 4 (1411 words) Published: November 28, 2010
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Media Portrays Violence

In the world today with technology advancing so fast it's hard to keep up with it all; but with the advancement of technology comes the extensive media exposure to viewers. Pretty much everyone is exposed to the media today whether it is television or internet the news can be accessed within moments. And the entertainment industry is no different furthering making options of media accessible with a push of a button whether it is cell phones or other handheld devices to laptops and so on and so forth. This also brings us to the main question. What exactly do the media portray for the viewer and what do we learn from it? Television tries to become more real and real as movies push for 3d and television screens try to push for the clearest picture possible trying to bring the screen to life. Television shows have been pushing more and more to reality shows giving a so called perception of what life would be like in said situations. And even gaming tries to push the lines making things more and more realistic such as call of duty and grand theft auto. Which are great and all but what is all this stuff doing for us really what is it teaching us? In Michael Moore’s Movie Bowling for Columbine, he addresses how the United States of America is clouded with fear and driven with violence and this essay is to prove that.

The movie opens to this event: One of the deadliest massacres in the Unites States of America happened in a High school in Columbine, Colorado. April 20th 1999 the massacre caused by two students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, killed twelve students as well as one teacher only to kill themselves after.(1Moore) The event had pushed the media to question the abuse of firearms availability and the troubles of youth. Apparently though the guns that Harris and Klebold had used were legally purchased at stores and gun...
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