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KOTASTE Media Planning Process
1. Key issues from analysis of brief
2. Set Media Objectives: how far into target audience can we reach & with what frequency 3. Identify which Target audiences should be reached
4. Analysis of 7 media classes showing how each will provide a match between objectives and audience 5. Strategy: inter-media choice of combining media classes 6. Tactics: intra-media choice showing what times each medium is to be used Inter media choice

identifies combined media to use to assist targets:
Brand awareness
Preconceptions of brand
purchase or use brand.
Stages of media strategy development
Allocate task by media class (inter media choice)
Prioritise media vehicles for each class (intra media choice) Develop schedule to maximise value/ cost effectiveness
Strategic options
Concentrate on one medium enables dominance, impact and repeated exposure with reduced production costs Balanced mix 2+media enables different messages to different target groups. 2 media have synergistic effect, increasing coverage by reaching targets through different media classes, increasing overall reach of campaign. (adding press to TV provides info to support emotion) Using more media currently fashionable, but danger is spreading resources so thin that minimum threshold is not achieved Preferred option: 1main media plus 2/3/4 support media

Media Analysis Criteria
Media campaigns differ, but standard criteria is considered when choosing. Potential contribution of each medium evaluated by: Coverage: to what extent does medium reach/cover targets? TV 80%

Press 70%
Radio & Outdoor 60%
Internet 50%
Medium contribution to achieving frequency:
radio & outdoor provide high OTH/ LTS
TV & press achieve medium OTS
internet & cinema achieve low OTS
mass media have low cpt (outdoor and radio)
targeted media have higher cpt (Cinema)
individualised media...
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