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Name: Pan Lin
Course Title: Communication to & with the Media
Assignment Title: Media plan for New Oriental Education & Tech Grp Date: Dec 6, 2012

New Oriental Education & Tech Group is a largest provider of private educational services in China. New Oriental has developed a complex and diverse media plan to help company for increase intake of students and provide more information to our shareholders. This plan is anticipated to reach out to China ’s target market, which is Chinese students and company’s employee, ages 15-35. The campaign’s mediums will focus primarily on social media and newspaper.

New Oriental offers education for a lifetime, teaching skills tha t give students a crucial competitive advantage in the workplace and help improve their quality of life. Our wide range of educational programs, services and products includes English and other foreign language training, overseas and domestic test preparat ion courses, all-subjects after school tutoring, primary and secondary school education, educational content and software as well as online education.

And today New Oriental has become the most recognized brand in Chinese private education. Based on founder Michael Yu's groundbreaking vision, our innovative and inspirational instruction combines humorous, interactive teaching techniques with traditional Chinese educational values. Since our founding in 1993, New Oriental has had over 14 million student enrollments, including approximately 2.4 million enrollments in fiscal year 2012. Today, we have a network of 55 schools, 726 learning centers, 32 New Oriental bookstores and over 5,000 third -party bookstores and over 19,400 teachers in 49 cities, as well as an online network with over 8.0 million registered users.

However we are living in an uncertain world, some of the situations and issues could be a threat to New Oriental’s business area and company’s reputation. So that New Oriental could use social technologies and traditional media-newspaper to help company to grow healthy and increase the market share in Mainland of China.

Therefore we found four key audiences of New Oriental, students and their parents, employee who want work abroad or work for multinational corporation, Media and shareholders. New Oriental is a private educational organization in China, and the students are the biggest thing in our business area. The media can help companies do better publicity and media gets company’s message across to a wider audience. To Shareholders New Oriental list on the New York stock exchange, social network is the fast way to help New Oriental to spread message to our shareholders no matter long term investors or shot-term investors.

Inventory of media relations resources/ asset
Asset description

Description of potential interest for


media plan

External audience

Web Page


Web page is informative and it could be
used as a communications channel by
posting relevant news and events of
activities among others

Social Media Platforms

External audience

Social Media can become and effective
communications channel that can help
increase New Oriental’s trust and
manage reputation.


list(including Internal audiences It’s an easy way to contact with media

media members, staff)

members if we have news to publish.


Enhance brand recognition in China’s market.

Target 15-35 year old Chinese people who want take TOEFL (The Test of English as a Foreign Language), IELTS (International English Language Testing System), GRE (Graduate Record Examination) or work for Multinational Corporation. Let parents know New Oriental has the best experience and service about English learning.

Use social media and traditional media-newspaper that will effectively communicate and provide more information to our students, shareholders, and other customer.

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