Media: Phenomenon or Trend in Society?

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  • Published : April 16, 2009
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The whole conservative media phenomenon deeply troubles me, especially with its ever increasingly enthusiastic audience. Usually, such development demonstrates outstanding entertainment or educational values, but in most cases, the right wing media does not provide any of those. Instead, it chooses to be heavily politically biased on each and every report, promoting pro-life ideology to the degree of propagandas, while using all the opportunities it gets to criticize the pro-choice movement. Take the Rush Limbaugh talk show as an example, where condemning liberal actions and calling out prominent Democrats has become a daily routine, where the validity of arguments and politically correctness are largely ignored, giving way to emotional ramblings and sometimes outrageous sensationalism. This also includes playing strategically placed music, turning off the guest speaker’s microphone, or just blatantly labeling them as ‘unpatriotic’, ‘extremist’ or even ‘communist’ when Rush Limbaugh himself is on the verge of losing a debate. And yet, millions of Americans regularly listen to his shows. Also remarkable is how the conservative media in general, which only became popular less than a decade ago, denounces established news corporations as being left leaning, thus asserting its ‘objectivity’. While this might succeed in provoking a distrust of traditional media among its listeners, it also creates an air of hostility toward its competition, and eventually, hurts its own credibility.

However flawed it might be, for one reason or another, this phenomenon has significantly expanded in term of popularity. My guess is this just represents another form of evidence that our society at large has become more and more politically conservative. And as a liberal thinker, I would like to think that as all preceding trend, it will be over before long.
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