Media Pervasiveness

Topics: Journalism, Newspaper, Perception Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: February 26, 2013
The media is a powerful tool which is gain more power by the day. The media is a part of a large percentage of people's daily life and has helped shape perception of the masses for over a century.If you watch the news, you will definitely get a lot of information and updates on various fields of interests. The media has the power to present all of the reports regarding a specific event, which is the main source of information for millions of people from around the world. If you want to understand what happened during a particular event, then you can simply watch some news and media updates regarding that event. If you take a very close look at television shows and news reports, you will probably notice that some of these outlets have a narrow message that can be etched within the minds of people. In previous years, news reports were highly limited to presenting the different facts and information surrounding a specific event. It was considered to be irresponsible for reports and news anchors to incorporate their own thoughts and ideas regarding a certain situation. But things are quite different these days. More and more anchors and news presenters already give in their own opinions and interjections, which can also strongly influence how one perceives a specific news item. Some of news reports are also based according to how the press TV wants the public to perceive a specific person or event. This is not only specific to television in the article Media Pervasiveness by James F Hoge Jr. states "Print journalism also has modified its style to intensify emotion and on-the-spot depiction, often at th expense of anlysis." This means the print media is also molded now to spin stories and show the opinion of the writer or media outlet and not just the facts. The media is a tool that most governments, even in countries with more press freedom, use to help push agendas that might otherwise be controversial, like war. In a paper by Christiane Eilders, she suggest that...
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