Media Opinion on Immigration

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  • Published : April 29, 2008
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How do the different U.S. mainstream media such as newspapers and other types of news like television networks portray recent debates about illegal immigration? There will be a main focus on the New York Times representing the U.S., being one of the top prestigious papers of this nation, and the trusted channel CNN. With the variety of sources now established, we can now compare and point out its differences as well as similarities, and analyze the point of views of the people involved. As we compare these two sources, I will not only observe the article’s facts and interviews, but also, the way they portray immigrants and officials on the chosen images. We will also see distinguish the real facts from the ones that framed as facts by pundits. We only want to focus on articles dealing with the immigration laws, and who and how it affects people. HR4437 is the law that has caused chaos throughout the whole nation, especially in heavily Latino populated cities. HR4437 states the following things: Better protection at the U.S. Mexico border which is being funded by military funds. Rise of penalties to undocumented immigrants and criminalize assistance. Some of these precious demands were considered a bit harsh and unreasonable, so a guest-worker program was introduces that can eventually build a path to legalization.

My primary U.S. sources for news are the NY times and CNN. Since the HR4437 issue arose, the NY Times has posted a front page article about this issue every single day. As a reader, this says to me that it sees the importance of the issue and knows that its readers want to read about it, so it puts out what the people want. It is a great paper because of it, but I will compare it to other sources to check its credibility. CNN is also known for its great reporting, but there have been some cases where it been biased in the way they present the news or portray immigrants. Other that here in the U.S., sources are very scarce, especially those...
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