Media Obsession

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  • Published : April 17, 2011
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In the past decade the media has become an american obsession; it has effected different genders and different ages but one age in particular that has been effected by it the most is young teen girls. By the exploitation in the media many girls have become obsessed, whether it be by buying products that their favorite celebrities have endorsed or the negative influences such as partying and drugs that are seen everywhere such as magazines and television.

The media has captured the minds of our youth in many ways, the first negative effect that has caused this obsession is the advertisement of certain goods, this has become a billion dollar company for celebrities and the industry. For example take the socialite named Kim Kardashian, she has made millions by endorsing and creating her sex tape, diet pills, clothing, shoes, perfume and books. Kim Kardashian is just one of the many celebrities that have made an “empire” out of themselves, with all of these endorsements it is easy for teens to fall for these products. Many young girls are fascinated by the media and idolize celebrities, some actually think that buying certain goods will mold them into something that they aren’t.

Another unfortunate instance the media is responsible for is creating certain ideals for self and body image. Images of females are portrayed everywhere, they are in commercials such as selling cars and makeup. Actresses and performers are normally beautiful and thin, this can cause women to feel insecure about their body image and they are likely to buy the hottest clothing and buy the newest beauty products. Also the media has created the image for the “All American girl” which is typically a beautiful, thin, young girl. Teens can often feel pressured to fill those shoes and they do negative things to achieve them such as developing unhealthy eating patterns and disorders.

Other unacceptable things made glamorized in the media are public figures caught partying,...
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