Media Manipulation and Its Economic Impact on Undeveloped Countries

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Media manipulation and its economic impact on undeveloped countries

- April 2012-

Media manipulation in international conflicts

Information is the most efficient wide-scale manipulation technique. Rewriting history, news censorship, disinformation, reality forgery are just a few of the procedures used by the ones who are in charge of information control.

The main support through which these influence strategies are put into effect is mass-media. If in the totalitarian systems, information means were controlled from the Headquarters, in democratic countries mass-media manipulation implies extremely complicated and subtle strategy elaboration, but with an extraordinary public opinion influencing force. And this because people got used to believing in the equity of journalists.

Yohanan Ramati, CEO of Jerusalem Institute for Western Deffence has accepted to offer the April 1994 issue of “Mainstream”, a New York publication, staggering information regarding the way nations and ethnic groups are being perceived. The image of these nations and ethnic group is being built, in the collective mentality, having invaluable political and historical consequences.

In Ramati’s opinion, the international display of the Civil War in Yugoslavia only showed the prodigious losses and sufferings of all the parts involved in the conflict, but with significant differences. Thus, the sufferings of the Moslems were usually displayed with the most amount of details, while the Croatians were barely mentioned and the Serbs weren’t mentioned at all.

Ramadi also noticed that in the Western-Islamic mass-media, just like in Israel, there was a strong tendency of “hatred injection” through propagandistic manipulation of the media. Usually the news showed the Moslem neighborhoods in Sarajevo, only showing Moslem people hurt, but never Serbs. This selectivity allowed the authorities to manipulate the facts in their advantage, leaving the unbeneficial facts ignored. The obvious question was, of course, who was supporting financially and who was conducting from the shadows the manipulation of international media and public opinion, therefore influencing the USA, the UK and other Western countries to support creating a second Moslem state in The Balkans.

The well orchestrated campaign of the Serb’s “demonisation” should warn all the countries about the outcomes of these kinds of manipulations, that can easily become life and death matters. In Y. Ramati’s opinion, the exclusive sanctions applied only to the Serb people are a disgrace for mankind. Especially since the Orthodox Serbs were the majority in Bosnia before being decimated by the fascist Croatian police and the Bosnian Moslems, who supported Hitler in the Second World War.

Fighting to disembarrass themselves of forceful imposition of Islamic fundamentalism in a country that once belonged to them and then was taken away by a handful of strangers, is a very natural reaction that any nation would have. And continuing the fight despite the penalties imposed by a cynical “international community”, dominated by its financial interests and not by objectiveness is a sign of honor.

There was no penalty applied when Russia interfered to overthrow the president of Georgia and helped replacing him with marionettes, after a bloodthirsty war. The same treatment applied to Syria when interfering in Lebanon, taking part in the destruction of Christian structures and replacing them with Islamic-Fundamentalist ones. Egypt is also a good example. After invading and annexing a part of Sudan (which was an unknown fact by the public opinion because the mass-media ignored not only the invasion, but also the refusal of the United Nations to debate it) there were no economic penalties applied.

On the other hand, the “international community” becomes suddenly very though when certain interests...
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