Media Management: Emerging Trends

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  • Published : April 10, 2011
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Media Management: Emerging Trends Book Description

Subject :- Marketing

Names Of Team Member:-

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Contents of the Book
1. A New Era of Media Convergence
2. When Size Begets Size
3. Global Media: Labyrinth of Expansions and Mergers
4. Audiences with Attitude: Its Time for Media Companies to Put Customers First 5. Reaching Out
6 Benefits of CAS
7 On the Economics of Media Diversity
8 The Resurgence of Radio in India
9 The Future of TV Advertising
10 The Case for Outdoor PSAs
11.Advergaming: The Future of Interactive Advertising
12. Mobile SMS Advertising: The Emerging Revolution
13. Star India
15. Carat India
16.AOL Time Warner

K Suresh is a mechanical engineer and MBA from Osmania University. He has 11 years of experience in industrial marketing, business journalism and as faculty in Business school at Hyaderabad. During his Stint in business journalism, he covered launch, distribution, promotion and other marketing issues of several product across categories. His area of interest are advertising marketing strategy and rural marketing He has been a regular contributor to icfai magazine on marketing at Icfai Books, a division of Icfai university Press. He has edited several Books published by the Icfai University Press.

Section 1
1. Changing media dimensions
A New Era of Media Convergence
Marc A Levey (Marc A Levey is the managing director of pacific Media Ventures ,a creative consultant to producers in America and Japan .Levey worked for ESPN Network and Walt Disney Company.) • The first article “A New Era of Media Convergence” takes a look at convergence (fusion of different media forms), the next wave in the evolution of media. • The most common forms of convergence are the ones that are taking place among television, internet and print; between communication and entertainment. • The author predicts that interactivity, driven by Internet to a large extent, would ultimately penetrate all media forms. • The article explores the new era of media convergence, covering interactivity, technology and financial opportunity. • Entertainment and technology worlds work together from start to end.

Meaning of Convergence of Media
Convergence means the fusion of all form of media. Convergence replace the doesn’t traditional forms of media; it incorporates them. Its more than a marketing tool, an ability to utilize the various ancillary markets.

Convergence in the 21st century
Technology plays an important role the internet is in its infancy, they are growing quickly whereas television still just in process of development. In 1999 Hollywood industry was able to identify the opportunity to see potentials of convergence in to media world.

Internet and the Audience
Internet becomes the source of information consequently creators of entertainment not only adopt to changing media, but also to an evolving audience. In 1980 channel of surfing began and audience get what they want and they move on

The Benefits?
In traditional television model the feedback was recorded after the program produced. Yet it was difficult to cater all feedback as it was reactionary programming. On the other hand the convergence producer puts out a product- the audience views it and responds. Providing the audience with opportunities to participate in the development of the show through television phone or computer.

What does this convergence look like?
MTV was convergent by bringing music and television together birthing the...
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