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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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The task was to create a magazine front cover for genre of our choice, for a specific target audience. We had to ensure we followed generic conventions of magazines genres that we had chosen.

There are different stages of my coursework; research, planning and overall production. We had to make a magazine cover firstly then research other magazines and analysed what they did to make their magazines appealing to the audience. We did this to understand key features of the magazines and to understand how magazines draw people in. This lead me to plan what colours fonts, images and genres I wanted for my magazine, and what audience I wanted it to be targeted at. After I collected all of my research and planning I got a lot of inspiration for my own magazine, and I then started to produce my overall finished magazine. The research I did affected my own magazine production because it taught me how to draw your target audience in, and which magazines were popular which my target audience so I knew what to include, my questionnaire also helped with this.

Magazine research

Magazine research

I carried out the research for many reasons, one of them being to understand key features of magazines and also research is vital to gaining a deeper understanding of a subject and being able to think and analyse in more depth. I also identified generic conventions as well as gaining knowledge of how magazines attract their target audience. This was important because it helped me to understand what to include in my magazine to make it successful and make people want to read it. Audience research

Audience research

For part of my audience research I carried out two groups of audience research, primary and secondary. This gave me a variation of...
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