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Topics: Subang Jaya, Sime Darby, UEP Subang Jaya Pages: 6 (1500 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Life is in the details.

The Glades at Putra Heights is where attention to detail has raised the bar of perfection. Every idea is carefully considered to foster sustainable living and connectivity between technology, community and nature. • 58 acres of freehold development • Thriving within a sustainable community • Equipped to provide connectivity, privacy and security

At The Glades, homes are innovatively designed for today and tomorrow, while being beautifully poised with its natural and serene surroundings. More than just exquisite residences, you’ll discover a community that enjoys the privileges of connectivity, without losing a sense of privacy and security. Residences take an enchanting form in a selection of exquisite homes to match every lifestyle. From courtyard villas and cluster villas to condominiums, cluster homes and even sprawling bungalows, renowned architects have ensured that every brick and tile captures form and function to perfection. So you’ll be captivated by nothing less than awe-inspiring living masterpieces. Here, you’ll desire the verdant outdoors just as much. Expect to find a lush terrain patterned with manicured lawns, exotic plants and trimmed hedges. All meticulously planned and laid out by professional consultant and landscapist Ng Seksan.

And you’ll see the pride in the eyes of every resident, who calls this lush enclave home. Hear the joy in the voices of young and old, mingling with the gentle rush of water and gust of breeze, on lush green parks and by the streams. Feel the fulfillment that fills the hearts of those who cherish a life blessed with the luxuries of nature and modernity. It’s easy to notice these little wonders and more, when you’re at The Glades. Because here, you’ll realise that life is in the details.

Experience unlimited internet access, in the comfort of your home without worry of browsing costs as homes comes with 2 years complimentary* high speed broadband service. Take full advantage of fast, uninterrupted connectivity from the latest fibre optic technology. Every home is also fitted with video IP phone that allows residents to make free voice and video calls to the main guards room, as well as the entire neighbourhood. Or having the choice of not one, but over 6 routes to come home everyday. • Fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) infrastructure for high speed broadband connectivity • WiFi access in common areas • Access via 6 main expressways • 30 minutes to KLIA • Proposed LRT hub at Putra Heights *Terms & Conditions apply

Every aspect ensured to keep you in close contact with your real and virtual worlds.

Every aspect ensured to keep you in close contact with your real and virtual worlds.

Wake up to a calming sense of assurance every day, knowing you and your family are safely protected with 4 tiers of security from the enclave’s main entrance right to your bedroom. A call assist button and video IP phone connects every home to the guard control centre, in the event of an emergency. The residence spans across a lush and connected green area surrounding a generous wetland area, building to a harmonious relationship between the residents and nature. • Gated & guarded enclave • Electrified perimeter fencing • Guard patrol system • Centralised monitoring system • 24-hour CCTV surveillance • Home alarm system • 5km of landscaped walkways with open parks • Less asphalt, more brick roads and walkways with natural grass growth to encourage walking instead of driving

Every home designed with smart technology and the little luxuries for the way you live.

Homes at The Glades are conceptually fashioned to keep generations in touch with today and each other in more ways. Digital technology takes your worry off appliances not switched off whenever you’re away, and reads your mind via human-machine interfaces such as touch screens, mobile phones or motion sensors. • Intergrated home automation system...
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