Media Is/Is Not Responsible for Deteoriation of Moral Values

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  • Published : July 13, 2011
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The media is responsible for deteriorating moral values. They have no one to answer to but the FCC in America and that’s only on certain issues like profanity Etc. Let me give you an example. All major Media outlets reported on the Woman who claimed she found a finger tip in a cup of Chilli from Wendy's. Now this was on television every 20 minutes for days and in print in magazines and Newspapers world wide. This cost Wendy's millions in revenue and it cost there customers to go else where. The Media did not wait for positive proof, they jumped on it like a Buzzard on carrion. It was weeks later discovered that it was a lie and carried out by the lady and her husband and a friend who cut his finger tip off in an industrial accident. The Media covered it but never retracted anything and never apologized for the millions of dollars it cost Wendy's and it's stock holders or had to make restitution. As I said in the beginning the Media is not responsible to anyone and only cares about selling air time and commercial time. You and I are a minor inconvenience to exploit for there financial gain. Your grief, your misery, your pain and suffering are there for the taking. This is why the Media is accountable for the deteriorating moral values of society. If they can exploit lie deceive and sensationalize things just to make a buck every second of the day and get away with it by putting it on the air and in newsstands, then it sends a clear message to the world that they can too. The Media will take a story and spin it, form it ,and twist it to suit them and there self serving enterprise until it is no longer news and they will spin it again and milk it like a cow to get every last drop out. The media has cost presidents elections, it has cost innocent people to be hurt and killed it has even caused countries to go to war. The Media just caused a major stir, riots and deaths by printing pictures of Mohammed in a demeaning manor. If that is not destroying moral values then...
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