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Topics: NEWS, Mind Pages: 1 (376 words) Published: February 2, 2013
“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind”

The media nowadays plays an important role in politics field and in social life . The media plays a very big role in our society today. It is all around us. From the shows we watch on TV, the music we listen to on thee radio, to the books, magazines and newspapers we read each day. As it is so convenient and rapid to transmit information, some people think that the people who control the media are actually contoling the thought of individuals and there are little can be done to eliminate this control. First of all It is true that media could affect our daily life seriously. From the purchasing of daily necessity to the international news reports, we can get rid of the influence of media. In fact, we have to admit that with the help of media, such as the advertisement, we are living a better life than ever before.As for the news report is concerned, now matter which channels we try to use to get the news, it seems that media change the news in a position that fits to the people that control it. Secondly the invention of the internet.I thinks that this thing has given a big opportunity people to be in touch with news in any time.Internet is now the most popular form of media not only to young people but also to adults because it is usefulPersonally, I’m agree to the opinion that media affects in controling people's attitudes to some affairs or objects. However, I do not consider that they can control people's opinions and there is nothing could be done to reduce this However, we should remember that readers have their own ideas and opinions. You can control what is printed but you cannot control the opinions of your readers. I think the only positive here is that, nowadays, people seem to be much more critical about what they read in the press or hear on the television.In other words, they know they may be lied to. This also means that...
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