Media Influences on Youth

Topics: 21st century, Body shape, Human sexual behavior Pages: 5 (1978 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Media plays a significant role and known as the most formidable means of communication in our lives in 21st century. Media images contribute to the socialization of young people across a board range of areas, particularly those in which the viewer has relatively limited real-world experience (Huston et al., 1992). Nowadays, most of the people will get their information through the mass media that they can get if easily which are from the internet, electronic devises, for an example television and mobile phones, books and magazines or newspaper. With all of these mass media, we could know what is happening around the whole world. None of the people would deny that the fact of the power of the medias have totally influenced our lifestyle, approach and conduct, awareness and so on. Nowadays, youth between ages 15 to 20 are more likely attached to the mass media especially the internet and the electronic devices. During 80’s and 90’s, youth had totally no idea with the internet world and they only get the knowledge from the books or newspaper. In addition, youth that live in 21st century are also more likely attached to watching television. Conservative estimates are that children watch nearly 3.5 hours of television per day (Barbour & Scully, 2008). Children are influenced by media by observing, imitating, and making behaviors their own (Clark, 2011). Parents, educators and health care professional should fully focus towards the medias effect on youth because it has gradually enhance as new and more intricate of media have been developed. However, there are several serious media negative influences had influenced the youth.

The youth in 21st century will have the ability to learn how to use an electronic devices in a short period of time such as television. Television can be used for educational purposes in an effective manner (Lad, 2011). Nowadays, programs that television provided are more trend to educational for enhance the learning skills of all the children and youth but except the educational programs, most of the programs had bring a major negative influence to the youth such as youth are more consciousness about their body image. What is body image? Body image defined as a person’s realization, conception and feeling about their own body regardless of he or she. In 2003, Ricciardelli and McCabe reported parents, peers, and media take part in shaping body image and body changes for both girls and boys. (Hammond, 2005). Girl in 21st century are more conscious about their weight on younger age.In a survey conducted by the Teen People Magazine, 27% of the girls pressured by the media that made them think that they must have a perfect body. Because of that, they will follow the artist or model’s fashion that appear on the television programs or advertisement.A 1996 poll conducted by Saatchi and Saatchi discover that advertisement that shown on television made women feel unattractive and old. By the time a youth is 17 years old, they have already received more than 250,000 ads information through the media. Most of the women that can be seen often in the media, especially models and actresses are badly underweight and among them they also have people that are facing the anorexia problems. Underweight means that a human’s weigh that are under a healthy body weight that will endanger their body health. A person that is underweight might have a problem with their own body genetics, pressure and anorexia. Anorexia is more like self-starvation-becoming so obsessed with losing weight and dieting that you ignore your body’s hunger signals (Watson, 2007). Besides, some extraordinary community pressure to be thin might develop anorexia to a person. An anorexia patient will feel disgust when they saw foods or think about eating, therefore anorexia might also cause a person become a victim of underweight person. Anorexia is serious threatening illness that will cause a person die on it because their body do not absorb a certain...
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