Media Influence on Today's Culture

Topics: History of radio, Guglielmo Marconi, Cathode ray tube Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: March 3, 2013
How Entertainment Media Has Shaped Americas Culture
Laurie Brady
Media Influence on American Culture
Brandon Williams

Guglielmo Marconi often credited with inventing the radio, after reading Heinrich Hertz’s biography, successfully duplicated Heinrich Hertz’s experiments. Experimenting and successfully sending transmissions from one side of his attic to the other. He saw the potential and asked the Italian government for support. The government showed no interest in his experiment, so Marconi moved to England and got a patent on his apparatus. When Marconi made popular, wireless technology, peers initially saw it as a way to allow telegraph to function in places that could not be connected by cable. Early radios were devices on Navy ships to talk with other ships and with land stations; the focus was on person to person communication.

During the “Great Depression”, radio was so successful that the Mutual Broadcasting Network began in 1934 to compete with NBC’s Red and Blue Networks and the CBS network, creating 4 national networks. The Communications Act was formed in 1934 also which created the Federal Communications Commissions which brought in a new era of government regulations.

Radio’s impact on American culture has been huge. Modern culture is “unthinkable” without the early influence of radio. Entire genres of music such as country and rock owe their popularity to early radio programs that publicized new forums.

Inventors conceived the idea of television long before technology to create it appeared. Early developers thought that if audio waves could be separated from the electromagnetic spectrum to create radio, so could TV waves be separated to transmit visual images. During the late 1800’s several technological developments set the stage for television. The invention of the cathode ray tube (CRT) by German Physicist Karl Ferdinand Braun in 1897 played a vital role as the progenitor of the picture tube.

In the 1950’s...
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