Media in Malaysia

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Research Topic: Mass Media as Instrument of Politic Mobilization

Chapter 1

Research Background: Mass Media Politic Mobilization

This research touches on the various aspects of the mass media as an instrument of political mobilization. In another meaning, it is to explore how the mass media is being mobilized during the political transformation period and how does the politician use mass media to change public’s opinion towards the politician. Malaysian media does plays an important role in shaping public opinions and perception about political. Besides that, the relationship between media and politics and the media role in the national agenda settings remains as a very important subject for media research (Hamzah,2009). Moreover, media was the one who can communicated with public by using newspaper, television, radio even internet these entire medium to give us knowledge about what we need to know, what we can suspect, think and reflect about it (Hamzah, 2009). Mass political behavior are affected by how different settings of political communication systems (Baek, 2009) Furthermore, all mass media which mentioned above can be free or deem rights at all the time to uphold the fundamental objectives and highlights the responsibility and accountability of the government towards people. Onyishi (1996) while highlighting on the role of the mass media in democracy notes that the press not only sustains the democracy principles but also end with transaction period. The media should help an ushering in democracy they should play a crucial role in nurturing and sustaining the success or failure of our practice of democratic government. To large extent, their success depends on how well the mass media carries out their function as the mid wife of democracy. Therefore, in this research we would like to find out the politic mobilization in Malaysia and how the acceptance of the people had.

Research Problem:

The mass media are being controlled by politician where the message will be expose to audience that might influence the mindset of audience. As cited, indirect controls are exerted through ownership by some of the ruling coalition's component parties over the private television network, TV3, and the major Malay, English, Chinese, and Tamil newspapers. (Heufers, 2002)

The mindset of teenagers and young adults that changes often after being exposed to the media controlled that is controlled under the influences of politician (Journal of Personal Relationship)

The mass media does not have the freedom or the power to exercise their right as a government watchdog and execute their job towards the society.

Research Objective:

To know how is the mass media playing its role under the influences of the politics.

To know what are the influences or acceptance of the audience that are exposed to message being sent out by mass media that are under the control of political influences.


A)i) Audience that are being exposed to the mass media that are controlled or under the influences of the politic will be affected by the political influenced messages because the audience depend on the media and believe in the media. Media is the platform where the audience or the society obtain information from.

B)i) Audience or teenagers that are exposed to the message passed out by the mass media will be easily influenced or change their mindset about a certain matter concerned because they depend most on the mass media especially the internet that spread message immediate and widely. But it might also depend on the message sent out because teenagers chooses what they wants to see or believe rather than believing on one side of the matter.

Significance of study

This study can changes the life not only the people or the society in the country but also country itself because understanding and knowing the right thing or the truth can contribute to the development of the country or the downfall...
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