Media in America

Topics: 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Mass media Pages: 2 (744 words) Published: July 12, 2011
Who Owns the Media?
1. Each of these media companies has a variety of media holdings but may concentrate on one kind (books, movies, television, print) over another. Compare and contrast their holdings. Does any company seem to have "cornered the market" in a given area?

Time Warner: Television and Movies
Disney: Movies, television, books
Viacom: Television and Movies
Fox NewsCorp: television, books, print, and movies
The similarities of all these companies are that they all provide entertainment media to America. They are the primary source of entertainment today. They all own the majority of the most watched channels; Time Warner has holdings with Warner Brothers and HBO. Disney is its very own brand from television shows to big screen movies. Viacom has holdings with the major music television channels like BET and MTV and their affiliates. They also have holdings with Paramount Pictures. Now Fox NewsCorp has holdings in sports, film, and even print. Fox is responsible for the media outlets like, STAR, FoxSports, and the New York Post. The major differences between these four companies are the market they are aiming to attract. Time Warner and Viacom are looking more to attract the younger generation; those ages 16 to 29. Disney primary target market is children from 3 to 12. Disney movies and shows are more geared toward this age group more than any other. For Fox NewsCorp, they have a different demographic they want to tap into, all of them. They have anything for every age and can appeal to a vast majority of the U.S. I think that Fox NewsCorp has cornered the market better than any of the other media companies. I say this because they have covered every aspect of media and they target every age group. Fox NewsCorp has something for everyone. They have 20th century Fox Film holdings that produce every type of movie imaginable. Fox has FoxSports that attract the male viewers. They have the news channel that catches the attention of the adult...
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