Media Helping in Nation Building

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|Media | |[pic] | | | |'Media' is the medium of carrying information, education and entertainment to the masses. It is an easier and efficient means of| |communication which plays a key role in the overall development of an economy. In an era where knowledge and facts are the tools| |for economic, political and cultural exchange, presence of the strong and constructive media in a country is important for | |catering to the diverse needs of individuals, society as a whole, small and large business and production houses, various | |research organizations, private sectors as well as the public sectors. Media is a conscience-keeper of the nation and has many | |tasks to perform in our day-to-day lives. It helps the Government to achieve various socioeconomic and political goals; educate | |urban and rural masses; instill a sense of responsibility among the people; as well as provide justice to the needy. It largely | |consists of print media like newspapers, magazines, journals and other publications, etc. as well as electronic media like | |radio, television, internet, etc. With the changing scenario of the world, it has acquired the status of an industry. | |In India, the media and entertainment industry is undergoing remarkable change and is one of the fastest growing sectors. The | |main factors responsible for this are rising per capita/ national income; high economic growth and strong macro-economic | |fundamentals; and democratic set up, good governance as well as law and order position in the country. Specifically, spectacular| |growth of the television industry, new formats for film production and distribution, privatisation and growth of radio, | |gradually liberalising attitude of Government towards the sector, easier access to and for international companies as well as | |advent of digital communication and its technological innovations are the other attributes of the growth of the sector. The | |media industry plays an important role in creating people's awareness about national policies and programmes by providing | |information and education, besides creating healthy business environment in the country. Thus, it helps people to be active | |partners in the nation-building endeavour. | |The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is the nodal authority in India for formulation and administration of the rules, | |regulations and laws relating to media industry. It is involved in catering to the entertainment and intellectual needs of | |various age groups and focusing attention of the masses on issues of national integrity, environmental protection, health care | |and family welfare, eradication of illiteracy as well as issues relating to women, children and weaker sections of the society. | |It plays a significant part in helping the people to have access to free flow of information. It is also responsible for | |international co-operation in the field of mass media, films and broadcasting and interacts with its foreign counterparts on | |behalf of Government of India. The main functions of the Ministry are to:- | |Provide news services through All India Radio (AIR) and Doordarshan (DD) to the people | |Develop the broadcasting and television network as well as promote import and export of films  | |Educate and motivate the people for greater participative...
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