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Department Media Studies 1 February 2012

THESIS REGULATIONS STIPULATIONS FOR WRITING, SUPERVISING AND EVALUATING MA-THESES General criteria 1. The thesis is the written report of a research project that the student has conducted largely independently but not without a supervisor. It must show, among other things, that the student is capable of: a. studying and evaluating scholarly literature; b. designing a research project; c. conducting research and reporting on it in a scholarly manner; d. demonstrating critical and creative thought and being community-oriented; e. correct formulation. 2. A thesis must contain at least the following elements: a. an original statement of the problem and question/hypothesis; b. a justification of the theoretical framework within which the research project was conducted and an explanation of the methodology used; c. a critical account and evaluation of literature and documentation relevant to the topic; d. an independent contribution by the student to the research or ideas on the subject of the thesis, e.g. applying the literature to new material, giving his or her own, original interpretation, evaluating an issue in the secondary literature, publishing new historical data, or developing a new theoretical idea; e. reasonable conclusions deduced from the original problem (the question/hypothesis); f. a five-hundred word abstract in English; g. references and bibliographical information in accordance with the Media and Culture Author’s Handbook, or the Syllabus for Academic Skills I or the Syllabus for BA Research Work Groups. Another formatting style may be selected in consultation with the supervisor, but should then be applied consistently. 3. The thesis stands for a student workload of 20 ECTS credits; it should, as a rule, consist of no less than 15,000 and no more than 20,000 words, not counting notes, the bibliography and appendices (a workload of 10 ECTS consist of around 10.000 words and a workload of 30 ECTS around 30.000). 4. The thesis must comply with the Technical Instructions set out in Appendix 2. Supervision 5. The student is entitled to proper supervision right up until the evaluation of the thesis. This may be limited to the number of hours available for supervision. The Department may stipulate a maximum in this regard. 6. Supervision of a thesis is regarded as a form of tuition. This implies that the student needs to be enrolled and thus entitled to receive instruction. In all cases, the student will need to be enrolled at the university for a period of at least three months prior to the examination date even when supervision has been temporarily suspended. 7. Once the maximum number of supervision hours has been reached, or when the duration of the period of supervision has exceeded 12 months, the supervisor is entitled to proceed to a determination of the final grade or withdraw from supervision. In that case, he or she will notify both the Examination Board and the student of this decision in writing. If the student should

Thesis Regulations Media Studies: stipulations for writing, supervising and evaluating MA- theses Version 01-02-2012– p. 2

wish to reapply for supervision, he or she will need to submit a written request to this effect to the Examination Board.

8. With regard to the application for thesis supervision, the student is obliged to observe the regulations as laid out in the Thesis Guidelines of the department. 9. In exceptional cases, and at the request of the student, the Examination Board, or the Master’s coordinator acting as its delegate, may appoint a person from outside of the Department as supervisor. 10. The student will write a research proposal, in the form of a work outline, in consultation with the supervisor. The outline should be drawn up in accordance with the sample for a...
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