Media Favors Those in Power

Topics: White people, Race and Ethnicity, Black people Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: June 9, 2012
Media representations favour those with power at the expense of those without." To what extent do you think this statement is true?

Over time, media representations change, and it could be argued that these representations change with the balance of power in both society and the media industry. The media industry is dominated by white middle class males, which is evident in most media products in the past and in the modern society. The strong presentation of white males is mostly constructed through the negative representations of other ethnic minorities such as black males.

Negative labels on black male by the media industry to highlight and favour the white middle class male with power has been around for decades. The first film that oppresses the black race making the white seem elite is the 'birth of nation'. In the birth of nation (1915), the only black character is not played by a black male, instead a white male dressed up with make up to play the black character 'Gus'. This clearly highlights at the time black people were not seen as very good actors so they did not play a big part in movies. This highlights that white middle class male were favored at that time and black males where in disadvantage as they were not recogonised to have talent. The black character in the birth of nation reflected the stereotype of the black buck by incorporating animalistic behaviors and sexual needs.

Another classic film which presents black male with a less negative label than birth of nation is casablanca 1942. the only black cast 'doodley wilson' plays Sam, a singer and pianist employed by nightclub owner Rick. Sam plays a very peaceful and loyal character to his owner sam. Sam is considered to be his owner because during a scene in the film, in order to employ sam to another night club, the owner had to contact rick first. This reflects the 1850s slavery that continued into the 20th century. During the production of the film, it was the early stages of the...
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