Media Ecology Theory

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  • Published: September 24, 2011
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Terms| Definitions|
 Media Ecology Theory|  the medium is the message; the laws of media (enhancement, obsolescence, retrieval, reversal) demonstrate that technology affects communication through new technology|  media ecology|  the study of how media and communication processes affect human perception, feeling, emotion, and value| | |

 bias of communication|  Harold Innis's contention that technology has a shaping power on society|  global village|  the notion that humans can no longer live in isolation, but rather will always be connected by continuous and instantaneous electronic media|  epoch|  era or historical age|

 tribal era|  age when oral tradition was embraced and hearing was the paramount sense|  literate era|  age when written communication flourished and the eye became the dominant sense organ|  print era|  age when gaining information through the printed word was customary, and seeing continued as the dominant sense|  electronic era|  age in which electronic media pervades our senses, allowing for people across the world to be connected|  ratio of the senses|  phrase referring to the way people adapt to their environment (through a balance of the sense)|  the medium is the message|  phrase referring to the power and influence of the medium-not the content-on a society|  hot media|  high-definition communication that demands little involvement from a viewer, listener, or reader|  cool media|  low-definition communication that demands active involvement from a viewer, listener, or reader|  laws of media|  further expansion of Media Ecology Theory with focus on the impact of technology on society|  tetrad|  organizing concept to understand the laws of media|  enhancement|  law that states media amplify or strengthen society|  obsolescence|  law that states media eventually render something out of date|  retrieval|  law that states media restore something that was...
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