Media Democratization and Its Effect on Mass Media

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By Paul Beelen, February 2006


What everybody in advertising, marketing and media should know about the technologies that are reshaping their business.

Advertising 2.0

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Introduction Chapter 1: A Context for Change

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The Internet is taking off. Again. Mobile Technologies
Chapter 2: Media Democratization and its Effect on Mass Media

What are the consequences How effective are mass media when we all have a medium of our own? The role of RSS in the future of mass media Chapter 3: Word of Mouth 2.0

The cocktail party goes digital The value of brands Advertising losing an ally Chapter 4: A New Language

Contextual advertising
Chapter 5: Opportunities for Advertising and Marketing

Monitoring the blogosphere Participating in the blogosphere Creating company-side micro media Consulting on micro media and advertising Help clients offer opt-in advertising through RSS Be prepared for extremely targeted ads Opportunities for agency intranets and websites Notes About the author

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Advertising 2.0

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There has never been so much change in the way people communicate than there is right now. New generations use tools their parents don’t even understand, and young people consume news as easy as they create and publish it themselves. These shifts in communication will undoubtedly have consequences for the communication industry. Can advertising campaigns still be based on a mix between 30 second tv commercials, print ads in top-down media and below the line activities? Roughly five years after the burst of the Internet bubble, developers and investors are regaining trust in the World Wide Web. But not in the web as we know it. This time it’s about conversation, cooperation, and empowerment of the masses. This time it is bottom-up, instead of top-down. People are taking back the web that companies This time, the web have been trying to commercialize for the past 10 years, without much success. This time, the web is going social. Within the Internet community, this new, is about conversation, grown up version of the web is called Web 2.0.

cooperation, and empowerment of the masses.

If we combine the social aspects of new web applications (which I will explain later on) with technological developments such as the ever dropping price of hardware, the rise of wireless communications and the massification of mobile phones, we can start to see mayor changes in a lot of aspects today’s advertising relies on to be effective. This paper intends to explore these changes.

What’s the effect of an advertising campaign, in a world where every consumer has instant access to all hard data about any given product? How can we even reach these consumers in a media landscape that consists of millions of personal blogs, podcasts and time shifted television? What is the role of marketing when consumers are directly connected to almost anybody within the companies they buy from? In this paper I will attempt to provide some answers (or at least clues), but for now, the best way to be prepared is to simply be aware of the fact that things are changing. Something has been set off, that is impossible to stopped. And it will force advertising to reinvent itself in quite a few ways.

Advertising 2.0

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A Context for Change
The Internet is taking off. Again. Everybody remembers the burst of the Internet bubble at the end of last century. Many companies are still very cautious and skeptical after the losses they had to take on their Internet investments, and E-commerce never did fulfill the expectations. But today, the Internet is growing mature. A new Internet is being developed right now. Investors are regaining faith and little start ups are emerging. What’s different this time?

This time, the Internet seems not to be about the money (at least, not directly). Instead...
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