Media Convergence in Toy Story

Topics: Toy Story, Toy Story 2, The Walt Disney Company Pages: 10 (3021 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Media Convergence
This is a research about the media convergence applied to Toy Story. It has been carried out for the subject Media Convergence, in the faculty of Business and Communication in the University of Vic.

Author: Tania Sar Piñeiro
Professor: Ruth S. Contreras Espinosa
Media Convergence UVIC
Faculty of Business and Communication

2.Media Convergence in Toy Story4
1.Case of study4

1. Introduction
In this investigation we will study the case of the media convergence in Toy Story. I have chosen this film for his importance and success in Pixar, that how we will see, it get arrive to different platforms. We begin by explaining the general history of the film if anyone has not seen, or do not remember exactly what’s his argument. We will also review the characters and their importance in the film. Continue this research explaining how the story varies on different platforms and what sights are. We will describe who are their principal audiences and consumers. We will study how this audience cans amplify Toy Story. This study will give way to the conclusions about our case of study, and we will see how the media convergence affects to the film.

2. Media Convergence in Toy Story
1. Case of study
Toy Story (1995) is the Pixar film, directed by John Lasseter (Los Angeles). Toy Story was the first film tape film history entirely created with digital animation effects. The film won two awards including Oscars (best original song and best soundtrack) plus a nomination at the same ceremony for best original screenplay. The plot follows the adventures of Andy's toys, as well as being toys are able to speak and live humanized. The story begins when Andy gave him a new toy, Buzz Lightyear at first not aware that it is a toy and thinks it's real space ranger and wants to return to his home planet. Buzz now captures the attention and Woody (Toy favorite so far Andy's favorite) goes into the background. Woody tries to get rid of it, and accidentally lost the ends also. As the two try to come home toys comes a friendship that ends with a pleasant living and a happy ending when they get back home. With the success of this first issue, in 1999, the same director created Toy Story 2. This film is a linear continuation of the first installment; here Woody is accidentally sold at a flea market organized by Andy's mother. The other toys have to go to their rescue. Meanwhile Woody is bought by a collector of toys from the same collection as Andy and wants to sell to a museum in Japan. Woody is now surrounds other cowboys and feel of a star with his new role. In 2000, Pixar released the movie Buzz Lightyear: The film shows how Buzz became Guardian of Space, the real Buzz Lightyear will have to contend with the evil Emperor Zurg (Toy Story 2 appears on), in a fight intergalactic to save the universe. Buzz is not alone; accompanying new characters and little green men (appearing in Toy Story and Toy Story 2). This film is shown as a spin-off, and then jumps back in time to the origins of Buzz, being the protagonist of the film apart from all the plot and characters of the saga. This time the film is two-dimensional. Finally, the series ends with a third installment, Toy Story 3. The third part is still linear and therefore consecutively to the first two, in this case as Andy goes to college and donates the toys to a daycare. What at first is a good thing, because it will be generations of children that play with them, then it becomes a problem Lotso, the leading toys only want bad things for new partners. This time is Woody, who decided to leave early on the nursery, who is in charge of rescuing the rest of Andy's toys. Although the third installment would be the end of the series, the voice actor for Woody, Tom Hanks, confirmed in their social...
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