Media Convergence

Topics: Mass media, Strauss and Howe, Generation Y Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: February 22, 2012
Media convergence is defined as the technological merging of content in different mass media. In the last fifty years the use of media and how we access it has changed dramatically.
First off I will start by talking about all the advantages and disadvantages of the different ways that we American’s get our news delivered to us. There are many different ways; newspaper, radio, television, and the World Wide Web. These days the one that seems to be the most popular with millennial generation is the internet. The internet has its many advantages but also has those few disadvantages that are mainly to the older generations (The silent generation and the baby Boomers generation). The advantages include receiving information quicker, increased communication, networking, and the spread of information. The internet also has its disadvantages which include; the cost, Its negative influence on people (mainly children), the internet makes it harder for us to sort out truth from lies, and the fact that the older generations cannot navigate the internet as well as younger generations making it hard for them to get information any quicker. With the newspapers there are not as many advantages or disadvantages. Included in the advantages are; it is very traditional meaning the older generations tend to stick with this form of media delivery, it is a convenient way to see what is going on locally without having to search, and it is great advertising for local businesses and for people looking for jobs locally. Among the disadvantages there is the fact that people cannot access new information 24/7 like the internet, when there are misprints there is no way to go back and fix it, and the stories can cause controversies ( just like any other form of media). The radio can work well for people getting their news on the go and it is still the way many older people get their news. I would say that radio is the least effective and popular form of media because it has no pictures...
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