Media Consuming Behavior

Topics: City, Smartphone, Advertising Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Write about the characteristics of the consumers focusing on media consuming behaviors-Maggie (Meijun he/ 42715032) Researches and studies on media consuming behaviors before making an advertising project are critical because people always begin to aware a product or a brand from mediums no matter on smart phones, laptops or the corner of a street. In this part, consumer behavior on media consuming which focusing on urban lifestyle, cultural factors and technological factors in CBD Sydney will be explained and related Apple shoe’s target audiences. Firstly, the urban lifestyle has fast rhythm that enquires the form of media to be convenient reach. Businessmen and officers are the Apple shoe’s main target audiences. Their activities in the city area must be fast and flexible. They always glance various ads around them rather than spend much time to focus on a long video advertisement or a comprehensive brochure. Actually, most of the information from media may possible be new to them because information changes fast every day and night in cities that it is difficult for media to awake audience without innovative and convenient platform (Zukin S, 1998). For example, radio is not a suitable medium that it is not used by many people in the city and does not have visual content. Moreover, the majority of citizens are more likely to purchase products which are advertising around them (Zukin S, 1998). Thus, medium consuming will probably be related to people’s career, class, age. For instant, drivers like to use radio when driving, businessmen like to use newspaper or magazines, teachers like to use website, youngers prefer use smartphones and older people like to use television. Secondly, innovative and fashionable factors should be considered on studying media consuming behavior. Sydney is a multi-cultural city that each person who walking in the main street may has different cultural background. People usually prefer different and new things every day rather than...
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