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Topics: Mass media, Media bias, Newspaper Pages: 5 (1749 words) Published: January 14, 2013

Media is defined as the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines that reach or influence people widely. There-fore, one would assume that knowing the definition of media one would already be expecting to be influenced or persuaded in a particular direction based on what type of media outlet they are watching, reading, and or listening to. Why do we let mainstream media persuade mainstream America?

Media is delivered to mainstream America by newspapers, magazines, radio and television. The type of information that reporters and journalists are covering are local and national headlines of the week such as weather, sports, and political information. Other noteworthy news information is upcoming events, and information expected to be covered by mainstream news organizations. How this information is introduced is first, there is a story or current issue that has already been known to local or national media. Next new information is researched or discovered about this particular news story, and it is delivered with up-to-date current information. Information that has not been established in the past and is just coming to fruition as the story continues to unfold. How the information is discovered or leaked to sources is known as investigative journalism. Journalist are always searching and digging for information on the truth behind the story, and when the truth they are searching for is not there or not what they are looking for or not what they want to hear, issues arise regarding false reporting. When the information is found to be false or not correct you hear statements such as “I 'm not able to reveal my source” or “that specific information was taken out of context.” Having the privilege to hide behind the 1st Amendment and use it as a way of means to justify false reporting is an issue that needs to be addressed and should not be accepted or tolerated by United States citizens. Is it such a hard task to report on a story with just the facts. Does America deserve the truth from our media. Anything else but the truth from our media would be considered useless biased rhetoric that need not be repeated, reprinted, or recorded.

Having that kind of raw influential power and unlimited resources to shape the minds of countless people is dangerous. The kind of power the media wields should be controlled with endless accountability. No fabricated stories to report about, no more guessing for the truth, either the media report on what information they have about a specific story or do not report anything. The media has to be held accountable for persuading individuals after all we as American's look to the media to hear the current events in our local area or what is occurring nationally. According to Blitz (2005), “People began to notice that journalists did not merely report events, but shaped them and our attitude toward them.” We depend on the media for accurate news information, and now it seems, the media is taking the American people for granted. Of course reporters report on breaking stories, journalist write about an individual stories, but who allows this information to be broadcast on television or printed in newspapers, and magazines. Producers and editors are the specific individuals in charge of and there-fore should be held accountable for the eventual direction of how the story unfolds. It can be assumed producers take a story with out merit and intrigue and turn into a glamorous production just for more viewership. Then again you can argue they are doing a job and selling a story to the interested people. The media needs to deliver a more cleaner crisper product that does not show bias thoughts or drape their own believes on mainstream America. If the owners of the respected news station or the newspaper is directly involved with each story reported on his or her network or printed on his or her newspapers...
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