Media Buying Agencies

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Media Buying Agencies

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The advertising business has placed a control of knowledge on media planning, buying and research. Around 2000 of all the main London Advertising Agencies had separate media buying and planning functions. During past thirty years Media buying agencies took all the media-buying away from the traditional agencies and now they virtually conduct all the planning and researches. (Winston Fletcher, Powers of Persuasion: The inside story of British Advertising, 2008, p108) Media buying agencies perform functions of media buyers, researchers and planners. Ability to receive all these services from one place had made them highly popular. Media Buying Agencies keep fingers on the pulse of all media institutions. They browse the space of TV, Social Media, billboards, newspapers and magazines, radio and directories. To understand how Media agencies work on each campaign it is important to define roles of media researchers, buyers, planners and their integration with clients and media sellers.

Media researchers are turning selling point of the Media Agencies. They collect information on who is using the brand and why; why others use the competitors brand, what is influencing the buying decision and so on. They use all these data to gauge effectiveness and scale for the client A massive part of Media Buyers is based on their intuitive understanding of the current situation in the media. Buyers have no study book which will tell how long to run an ideal advertising campaign, or how often should be shown advert on TV to be effective or commercials are advised to be shown three times in general guides – but will it work? They use established practice or case studies, psychology, sociology, econometrics and cultural studies to be effective at their decisions (S.Brierley, 2002, p121). Media Buyers are those in charge of advertising budget, they buy advertising space for variety of clients. Then they...
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