Media Brand Strategy for Monster Energy

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  • Published : June 16, 2012
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Media Brand Strategy for Monster Energy

The media brand strategy for Monster energy drinks consists of many different levels of digital media and brand sponsorships. They tend to shy away from the mass media mediums such as television, radio, and billboards. They are doing things that are unheard of in the realm of advertising for a company that is so successful. The target audience for Monster is males in their teens and 20’s mostly. To be able to reach this target audience, Monster has to think of ways to be able to reach their audience where they are going to have their attention focused at. The way Monster is able to reach their target audience is by first sponsoring athletes in extreme sports such as motocross, snowboarding, car racing, water extreme sports, etc…The target audience for these extreme sports are young men. When these young men go to these events or see these events on television, internet, mobile device, or their tablets they see the Monster brand associated with the top athletes in these sports and it brings more of an experience rather than just an ad in their face. Another aspect of their brand strategy is they also sponsor events such as these extreme sports events and concerts. This also falls into the category of the consumer is associated with an experience. Consumers remember when “Monster” brought in their favorite band to their city, or when a so and so athlete broke the world record at the Monster motocross event. Also, Monster launched a clothing line that is co-sponsored with other companies such as Fox to bring that brand awareness even further. The clothing line is very successful and is associated with the top athletes in extreme sports. This clothing line is not only bringing brand awareness, but it’s also making money for the company. How about that? A way of advertising that actually makes you money instead of spending money. Lastly, Monsters brand media strategy has to involve being...
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