Media Bias

Topics: Media bias, Mass media, Media Matters for America Pages: 5 (1892 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Liberal Media is a Myth
It is often said that the news media has a liberal bias. Joseph Goebbels said it best “if you repeat something often enough, people will believe it.” This couldn’t be truer in politics, it’s that bandwagon effect; everyone believes it so you should too. Alterman (2003) stated, “Conservatives have intimidated journalists into repeating their baseless accusations of liberal bias by virtue of their willingness to repeat it… endlessly.” (p.37). In fact, 75% of conservatives say the media is too liberal according to the Gallop Poll News Service (Morales, 2011). Claims of bias are on the rise from conservatives who make more charges of bias in the media than their liberal peers; when in fact the polls show that bias is in favor of conservatives. Claims of media bias have been around since the early days of the newspaper, and continue until this day. It’s no secret that conservatives love to proclaim media bias. It has been in the fore-front of conservative thought and punditry for years that reporters and most media are liberal. The media should be objective and clear of agendas. When the media covers a story and only tells one side of it, the side that fits their agenda that is media bias.

Media bias can have a negative effect on us. It helps aid in the ignorance that encourages prejudice and hatred toward others. Media bias can affect how we feel about one another, or even how we feel about a group of people. Media bias divides us and pits us against one another. It is often times Democrats (liberals) versus Republican (conservatives), and other groups also such as the Independents, and the tea party. You will be hard pressed to find bipartisanship these days between the two major parties in the United States. As Americans we are at times influenced by the media while watching television, listening to the radio, reading the newspaper or a magazine, and even while surfing the Internet, we are exposed to many things that can have an effect on us. The media can influence our decision making, and shape the way we see politics and other important issues. In election coverage, the media can make or break a candidate with voters depending on how they are portrayed in the media. The media can defame a candidate or make him likeable. With the continual 24-hour-a-day political news coverage a candidate must be appealing to the public in order to be elected. It is the media’s job to present news in an unbiased way, so that the viewer can form their own views and make informed decisions concerning choosing political candidates. Many people in America may not even be aware that the media changes their way of thinking. Because of the 24-hour-per-day news cycle, Americans do not take the time to look at each candidate critically and make informed decisions. Easley (2011) stated, “The tone of the media coverage drives poll results and how voters feel about a candidate is shaped by the type of coverage that the candidate gets” (Conservative Media Bias: Obama Gets the Most Negative Coverage of Any 2012 Candidate, para. 7). The conservative claim of liberal media bias is has an impact on mainstream news outlets. According to research by the Pew Research Center (2012) there has been an audience decrease for many of the major broadcast and cable television outlets. Republicans have turned from mainstream news to Fox cable network which is owned and run by conservative, publisher Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch owns Fox News who wanted “fair and balanced” news. Fox news is not so balanced. Murdoch owns 9 satellite television networks, 175 newspapers, over 100 cable channels, and 40 television stations. Murdoch, a conservative, has a large global reach and he is capable of skillfully operating and influencing the news in order for it to reflect his views. Since he owns multiple sources he can have these sources manipulated as well. Murdoch spends over five million dollars a year pushing his...
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