Media-Based Anticrime Efforts

Topics: Crime, Criminology, Violent crime Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: April 30, 2008
The National Citizens Crime Prevention Campaign has been initialized through judges, town officials, law enforcement, and mayors. Some are afraid to admit violent crime cannot be controlled by the Criminal Justice alone. I believe and fairly confident that citizen's can make a major difference in ending violence on one's community. In addition each citizen may have his, or her own ideas (due to race, religion, etc), pertaining of crime prevention, but the public believes that this issue should be addressed. Citizen's have already made an extraordinary difference in preventing crime in his, or her own communities. Example, Neighborhood watch) is used often around community neighborhoods. Various people of the community (teachers, parents, police) have implemented various ways to help with reducing crime. He, or she continue to discuss violence (gangs, drugs, abuse, etc), and ways to address options on how to deter and stop violence in their neighborhoods.

Let us discuss the main role of fear that one is subjected to through the media while determining the cause of fear in an individual. This behavior may infact, be enabled through the media, which in turn, suggests criminal acts. The media tends to give the impression that there is more criminal acts than his, or her reality. Moreover, this kind of action from the media will continue to have citizen's of our society remain in fear.

One should teach his, or her children early in life that they will be held responsible for their actions, In addition there are current rehabilitation programs to deter criminal activity. Moreover,yes, the media can help deter criminal activity but this is not the only way to deter crime. Setting mandatory standards for crime and punishment should be discussed further. Fear of crime affects many citizens, in fact, fear tends to affect more people than crime itself. An important problem today; several citizen's of our society enable his, or her own anxiety and fear in reference...
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