Media Assignment Psych 101

Topics: The Fairly OddParents, Innuendo, Fairly OddBaby Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Lauren Scalzitti
PSYC 101-Kaufman
March 8, 2012
Media Assignment
The Fairly OddParents
For this assignment I chose to watch ten minutes from the children's television program, The Fairly OddParents. The episode followed the main character, a little boy named Timmy, his father, and his two "fairly oddparents" (which are much like fairy godparents). The little boy, Timmy is trying to obtain the attention of his father who is busy with work and house chores. The father keeps promising Timmy that he is going to spend time with him. However, when the time comes for the father and son to do so, something always comes up. At one point, the dad is shaving in the bathroom when Timmy asks him if they can spend the day together. Before the dad can answer he shouts that he's found a gray hair in his nose and this leads him to proclaim that he is getting old and is about to go through a mid-life crisis. Therefore, he has no time to spend with his son because he needs to go out and have fun.

While the father is out having a mid-life crisis looking for something exciting, he sees a fancy sports car for sale. He takes it upon himself to purchase the car and go joy riding in it. He keeps leaving his son behind, even when Timmy begs him to take him for a ride in the fancy car. The young girl who sold the father the car decides she wants it back because she could have sold it for more money. With that known, she keeps plotting ways to steal the car back and sell it at a greater price. Once she finally succeeds at stealing the car, it turns out that Timmy had been hiding in the trunk in an attempt to be close to his dad. As soon as the father realizes Timmy is in the stolen vehicle, he does all he can to retrieve his son from this determined young girl. In the end, Timmy and his father reunite and they finally get to spend quality time together. Aggression

1. As the father is cleaning out the gutters, a bucket falls on Timmy's head. 2. Timmy gets angry when his...
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