Media and Technologies

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MC51010B Introduction to Media & Technologies
Spring 2013

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author’s name cited in the text:
Van Loon (2008:p.7) points out that in media studies technology is often understood as a mere facilitator in the service of something else.

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3) direct quote:
Van Loon asserts: ‘What unites many approaches to understanding media is thus a strong reductionist assumption that technology has to be understood as a facilitator, a device or tool, in service of something else’ (Van Loon, 2008:p.7). Around 1900 technical reproduction had reached a standard that […] permitted it to reproduce all transmitted works of art and thus to cause the most profound change in their impact upon the public.’

Walter Benjamin, ‘The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction’, Illuminations (London: Pimlico, 1999), 211-244. (orig. 1936)

Benjamin: technologies of mechanical reproduction > loss of aura aura: 1)  unique presence in space and time (can’t be replicated) 2)  cult/ritual value - images rooted in tradition

T digital reproduction

new kind of value: ‘input value’
(William Mitchell, The Reconfigured Eye, 1992) -  manipulation & processability -  instant transmission across the globe -  images that construct artificial realities based on other images

paraphrasing without the author’s name:

week 5 The reproduction & politics of images

In media studies technology is often understood as a mere facilitator in the service of something else (Van Loon, 2008:p.7).


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Harvard style (name, date)
4) Bibliography: Van Loon, J. (2008) Media Technology: Critical Perspectives. Berkshire: Open University Press. •  More information on the course’s site at

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