Media and Sports

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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Media and Sport
Since the mid-nineteenth century sports and media have played important roles in the other’s success. Early printed media contributed to the rise of sport. Simultaneously, interest in sports information aided in the growth of early media. Later electronic media made sports viewing accessible from the convenience of your own home. By continuing your reading you will be exposed to the influence that mass media and sports have had on each other. The mass media has many social roles connected to sports through systems of communication. These media outlets reach a diverse audience efficiently and in a timely fashion. Within this system of communication are two major categories: printed media and electronic media. Printed media consists of newspapers, magazines, and books; while electronic media includes radio, television, movies, and the Internet. One of the prominent roles of the mass media is the communication of information. Another prominent role of mass media is to provide entertainment for people of all diversities. By providing entertainment and communication the mass media fulfills two roles: social integration and social change. In the mid-nineteenth century newspapers kicked-off the coverage of sports events. Over the past hundred years newspapers and sports have become so well established that sports coverage makes up almost 50 percent of newspapers worldwide. Sports have influenced newspapers in many ways. An example of this would be editorial cartoonists using sports themes to express many different issues. Likewise, newspaper sports sections are basically advertising sections for commercial sports. The next two types of printed media are books and magazines. The best indication that a new sport is becoming more popular is its appearance in a magazine. Throughout the nineteenth century books became more popular.
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